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Travertine Tiles & Pavers

As Australian’s leading supplier of travertines, our prices are simply unrivalled by industry competitors and we guarantee that by our price beat policy. Whether you’re doing a pool renovation, tiling a new outdoor area or looking for a durable, hard-wearing non-slip tile, we’ve got your paving needs covered. 

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a rock formed similarly to limestone. However, during its formation, hot mineral spring water gets filtered through the stone creating the holes and voids that give it it’s distinct texture.

Travertine has been a popular architectural stone for centuries such as the Coliseum in Rome and the Basilique Du Sacre Coeur in Paris.

Nowadays, travertine is highly sought after to create a premium tiling look or stone façade. Its subtle warm texture and premium lustre make it complementary for a variety of residential and commercial styles. The stone colours range from silver, grey to gold and rust hues. As well as its good looks, travertine stone is also an incredibly durable stone.

Travertine tiles don’t absorb large amounts of heat, making it an ideal paving solution for pool tiles or anywhere you may have uncovered outdoors.

You can choose to fill the empty spaces with grout to achieve a smoother surface or get the stone honed and filled for a completely smooth surface (appropriate for indoor applications such as bathroom or kitchen tiling).

What is travertine pavers
Different travertine finishes

What are the different Travertine Finishes?

✓  Tumbled and Unfilled: The travertine stone is in its natural state, often with slightly exaggerated tumbled edges and exposed natural air holing. This look is ideal to create an antiqued look in an outdoor garden area or patio as well as a decorative feature wall.

✓  Tumbled and Unfilled – Filled with Grout: This is the most versatile travertine finish, suitable for use in almost any location. The stone begins exactly as above with tumbled edges and an unfilled finish but is later filled with grout to infill the majority of the natural air holing. The benefit of grouting the tile is that the unique look of travertine is retained, while cutting down the cleaning time to be almost non-exsitant after a hose-down as no water, dust or dirt can build up. As there are a variety of grout colours available, the overall look and feel can be easily altered, if desired. 

✓  Honed and Filled: The best internal surface, as the stone and been honed to a flat finish and the air holes have been infilled with and e-poxy. Ideal for indoor applications such as the kitchen where spillages and dirt can be easily swept on the smooth surface without concern. 

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